My idea about ‘dejavu’

My idea about ‘dejavu’

Heed note

Hi guys, this is my first blog post. So I’m little bit anxious at my choice of words fearing that I may make many mistakes in Grammar or spelling. But perfection never be achieved without persistence right?!. Just in case if you find any mistakes, please do comment.

What’s deja vu?

Have you ever felt an overwhelming familiarity of some moments which appears to be already felt before or repeating again? It’ll be more interesting if you too experienced it earlier. Same words, sounds, visions & same actions will repeat in a known sequence one after the other. It happens for only very short time period just for about 2-3 secs and it comes to our consciousness only when we are feeling them.

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Its popularly known as ‘deja vu’. This word is derived from French ‘deʒa vy’ which means a feeling of having already experienced the present situation. A french philosopher, Parapsychologist & a well known writer Emile Borac (c.1851-1971) believed that, it happens because our soul sometimes travel ahead of time and foresees the future. So when future actually happen it is already seen. Seems like a crazy thought he had, but we don’t have any idea of why this is happening. He is the one who named it first as Deja vu. Just like Borac, many other well known writers like Tolstoy, Dickens and Proust also had their theories on Deja vu in their works of fiction. We cannot rely on fictional concepts right? well, many other psychiatrists and researchers like Dr Neppe (c. 1983), Takashi Kusumi (c. 1994-96) and Roger Brown (c. 2003-04) had given their conclusions out of their research & surveys.

Deja vu is not any kind of the disorders associated with brain. However its studied under memory disorders in psychiatry. This study explains Deja vu phenomenon as metacognitive mechanism. Metacognition is nothing but the data about the data. Or simply a metadata. As we all know cognitive process means any process which involves our thinking process like calculating or reading. Metacognition process means we think about what we have to think. Its preparations before actual thinking. It decides why & what we have to think. When & where we have to think.

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Survey shown that its common among 70% of the people and it appears most of the time when we are fatigue. With sheer curiosity I asked many friends whether they also felt this before? They said affirmatively that they rarely get to have Deja vu but they fail to tell me when & where they got experienced that. Deja vu may be defined as any subjectively inappropriate impression of familiarity of a present experience with an undefined past experience. So far you came to know about Deja vu. Don’t you have a curiosity to know why it actually happens. Well, me too want to know the reason behind this strange feel.

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Why Deja vu happens?

Although we have a satisfactory definition for Deja vu. We don’t have a Specific reason for why it actually happens. But many psychiatrists had given their reason out of their research. It may be…

  • Similarity and dissimilarity judgements between present & a retrieved past experience.
  • Reality monitoring for the retrieved experience which is decision on whether or not present experience is identical with a retrieved past.
  • Nostalgia : A strong memory of nostalgic moments and a strong desire to experience them again.
  • Dreams : Comparison of small dream fragment from forgotten dream with the present.

My idea about deja vu

Surveys had shown that it happens most of the time when we are fatigue. I don’t think it happens at times when we are fatigue. I think it happens exactly like what we plan when we are fatigue. I think it happens because of procrastinating our plans. It is much similar feeling like we are experiencing an unplanned situations like we are planned. We have every chance of postponing our plans when we are extremely tired. We may forget those plans for the very same reason. I think it doesn’t happen when we are tired. It may happen exactly like our forgotten plans.

So guys this is my idea about deja vu. If you have any opinions or information relating this experience please share with me.