It kept Resonating in my mind

It kept Resonating in my mind

Perfection comes from persistence
Persistence comes from patience.

I really had very serious problem with patience. I fall for immediate gratification. I don’t know whether it is fear of mistakes or a matter of excellence. It kept obstructing me to write this post. But somehow I got with my form after reading these lines.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

From past 2 weeks I’m failing put my thoughts into words because I’m suffering from disease called paralysis by analysis. I keep on planning again and again and again but never came to execute whatever I plan. I’m chasing perfection without persistence. I’m not able to come out of my comfort zone and became too lazy to do anything that worth my interests. I had heard one quote somewhere that read, ‘even a small step but in a right direction is what progress is all about’. I think I took these lines too seriously.

I don’t know how, today I took my courage to write whatever it comes from my mind. As I said before, I’m procrastinating to write my second blog post. You may ask me what will I do all day and night? During day time, I’ll be busy in spending time with my books and movies. I’ll be lost in facebook, YouTube, quora at nights. Apparently I don’t have prime time for myself to do anything productive. What I would like to share is how I enjoyed music. I’m listening one melodious love track from recent release in Telugu. This is what I’m blabbering to describe about my joy in listening. Okey now I came with plan to simplify it. I’ll unfold it by dividing it into two parts. First I’ll go with audio of the song. Then I’ll explain what I like in the video.


They used the thabala and veena very effectively. (I’m not sure it’s Veena. It may be any other string operated instrument). Sounds of thabala of right pitch gives more of a classical touch to the song. Alternative shifts of thabala beats among two ears feels like they made those sounds by playing with my head. Veena chords are played in a tranquil flow. The resonance of Veena and thabala beats are so enchanting to hear. It’s a complete feast for ears if you are a classical music lover. Constant background trance of western beats keeps our hearing more captive. Sounds from violin notes come and go appropriately which most of the people fail to recognize. But I liked that sounds unconsciously which propelled me to like the full song.

Source : Google

Lyrics of the song speaks about the beautiful worries of a caring passionate lover. The way writer played with words for explaining the amusement and confusions of whimsical heart makes me smile. Voice or raaga of male is not so good, but female voice is so lovely to hear. It is so enchanting because of its pleasing tone.


I like the slow paced video when actor comes riding my favourite bike Royal Enfield continental GT 750 on banks of the beach. Other than location one more weird reason to like this song is heroine. She looks very attractive in this song. She looks attractive because of her garments and ornaments are short for her measurements. The way she exposed her figure makes my mind so vulnerable to most contrary thoughts. She’s not so inevitable beauty. But if we fail hold on our senses back with our wit. It doesn’t need any time for the video to steal our thoughts.

Source: Google

Over all, they completed the video with all commercial elements to attract huge mass. Because of solely this song I walked into theatre to watch the movie. If you ask me which is that song? It’ll be little bit embarrassing for me to spell the name. Go through this link to get that song.

After watching movie. Unexpectedly one more song influenced me which is sung throughout the movie like a theme music. I like this one personally. It kept resonating in my mind even after coming out of the theatre. Arvind swami’s charm looks same as it appeared in Bombay. Very handsome and stunning. Apart from his charm his intelligence and tactics make us to like him without option even his ways are evil.

Source : Google

His attitude gives the song another rise in level of excellence. Lyrics of the song elevates the glory of evil. Listening this song inspires me to be an indomitable evil. It dominates my dopamine action without caution in my body. There is some kind of affinity in the song that gives the feel of Infiniti. Its not fair to reveal the name of that song if I created enough curiosity to know about it. I’ll leave it for you to figure it out. Because I don’t want the unnecessary names enter into your mind unless until you are ‘interested.


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