From what a coincidence! to what is this coincidence?

From what a coincidence! to what is this coincidence?

Consciousness: Aware of and responding to one’s surroundings.

Subconsciousness: Of concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but influences one’s actions and feelings.

Unconsciousness : Neither has awareness nor has the response to the surroundings.

Why do I need to know about subconscious mind? Because I need to understand it completely before analyzing deja vu. They are still happening for me without any reason. In quest of deja vu. This hidden workshop unveiled itself within me which is running from many days. Still running and keeps continuing. Why did I uncovered it? Because I didn’t know something like this exists in everyone before recognizing it. If there are 4 group of people in this world who have different perceptions of the subconscious mind. I’ll belong to third in them.

1. Who doesn’t know anything about the subconscious mind.

2. Who just heard about it. And they know the dictionary meaning.

3. Who completely understood what is it.

4. Who did masters or PhD in it. And they are experts in controlling it.

Before I explain anything. I would like to give you the experience. That may also give you the clarity apart from misconceptions.

Try to slow down your breath for 5 secs with closed eyes. Yeah, I know you’ll skip that. Okay listen. That moment when you pay attention to breathing is controlled by not so-called subconscious mind. It is the conscious mind that observes your breathing. But as the moment when you shifted attention back to reading. Then its subconscious mind that regulates your breathe. It is doing without your consciousness. Anything we do automatically without our consciousness are done by subconscious mind. Blink of an eye for dust. Handling clutch, brake and accelerator when riding a bike. These are the things we do automatically with subconscious mind. Our involuntary actions are programmed in our subconscious mind. The main objective of any adds are to make mark at our subconscious level.

Some interesting facts about subconscious mind.

  • Our subconscious mind never discriminates between good or bad it simply operates on whatever it is obtained from our conscious mind.
  • It doesn’t know the difference between a real and imaginary experience.
  • It is never ever related to time. Suppose we ask a question for it. If it knows the answer within a fraction of a second it gives us the answer. If it doesn’t know what you ask, it keeps on searching without caring about time. That’s why some people say that subconscious mind can only be experienced in present.
  • Its function is to store and retrieve data. 
  • It is hidden part of the mind which is 90% of our mind. 

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After understanding the subconscious mind. Many different thoughts arose in me when I changed my question from what a coincidence! to what is this coincidence? Most peculiar one is I started to think that, deja vu may be the coincidental point of both subconscious mind and conscious mind. Because it’s not possible for us to be in both of these two minds at the same time. Many people say that whenever our conscious mind sleeps. Our subconscious mind wakes up. But this is not true. It may appear to be true. But that’s just misconception. 

Our subconscious mind is running even in the presence of conscious mind but not on behalf of the conscious mind. If you think correctly here you get completely understand what subconscious mind means. There is a reason for their belief. When one of the two go to sleep. Which one remain awake? I think you got the answer. Then our subconscious mind never sleeps? Yes it is. But it never sleep until it is tired. 

Dreams are the navigation of subconscious mind when we are asleep. Remember our CM stops when we sleep. As I said earlier it never differentiate between real and imaginary things. This is the reason we feel dreams so intense and interesting. 

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It’s a complete workshop behind our vision to achieve it. It’s a complete database from which we can access any data in it with or without our will. Just like any computer or mobile. We have these two as RAM & ROM. Where CM acts as RAM and SM acts as ROM. 

Think practically whenever we observe our subconscious mind. Are we experiencing subconscious mind? No! Whatever we do with our attention is our conscious mind. So in the absence of conscious mind we experience subconscious mind. What happens if both of these minds coincide. Imagine two lines going straight parallel to one another. One as subconscious mind and other as conscious mind. I don’t know exactly why. But by chance if there is any strong reason to exchange their roles of these two lines. Then they meet at any point while crossing. What happens if these two lines cross each other while switching?

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I don’t know the result. But we have a chance of staying in both conscious & subconscious mind for very little time duration. I think it’s the time gap we experience deja vu. Some people call deja vu as parallel universe. I’m also not taking any different approach apart from them. My suggestion is to consider both SM and CM as they are running parallel to one another.

A strange conversation of men with Omen.

A strange conversation of men with Omen.

Book review : Alchemist

Alchemist back cover
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I got this book from my brother’s friend. The book is written in 1988 by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho originally in Portuguese. Later it has been translated to many languages. I picked it up with no interest at all. I mean I select some books by title and author with more excitement. I mean to say this is not one of them. I simply took this to have a look without any idea. But I liked this very much and had its hang over for over months when I finished reading. Look at the Character page in the above image to have a brief idea of the plot of this book.

Its the art of converting any metal into gold. Thats what they call Alchemy. Its a story of an adolescent shepherd boy who went to learn this art. The boy goes on searching for Alchemist for that. But the Master’s teachings were different from boy’s wish. He teaches the boy what he needed more than what boy wanted. He clarifies boy’s wish first even when boy came with all clarity and commitment. He makes the boy to think about his true happiness. Later on boy also come to know that he don’t know where to find his most real happiness. He doesn’t even know what it means. He becomes more confused and thinks about how his heart has become so vulnerable to too many unreal things. Then boy go on searching for true treasure. His journey becomes more adventurous and he loves that. By the time he find his true happiness. He’ll leave everything he had at that moment which are once a dream for him.

With all this author narrated little love story in between protagonist and a desert woman. Faith of each other in this love story appears more profoundly. They meet each other hardly 3 to 4 times in entire book. And they doesn’t make any lengthy conversation. It’s the beauty of their love.

The whole philosophy spoken in the book is simple. You keep moving towards your dreams if you listen to words of your heart. At some point of time our brain warns and give up. But heart doesn’t. Its the wildest creature ever created on earth. Thats why our ribs are cages. It never cares about the consequences or calculations of brain.

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Its not possible to have always a happy moments in life. Life is a mixture of both happiness and sadness. The alchemist teaches the art of converting any moments into a happy moments to the boy. Its a strange conversation of men with omen. Just in case if you don’t know the meaning of Omen. They are nothing but the signals from the nature to remove the confusions of right and wrong while taking any decision. 

Starting chapters and some pages at middle of the book are boring but it has great insights. At the end he didn’t find gold. But he’ll get whatever he wanted to have with that gold. This book is great if you want to read adventure and philosophy. It has many thought provoking insights where you loose yourself in introspection. You can finish it with two or three sittings. I suggest you strongly to read it once in your lifetime. You’ll find yourself in the journey of the boy and it helps to understand your past. Have a look at the front page of the Book below if you want to open it.

Al fr co
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