About blog

I’m very glad and thankful if any of the content you read anywhere impelled you here.

This blog is all about sharing my perceptions or opinions on Books, Movies, Music and other interests. I would like to share my ideas and thought process here. Everyone believe in their own Philosophy, but I believe in everyone. My favorite oneliner was “there are no accidents“. Interestingly everyone believes at same thing and express their beliefs differently from their perspective.

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Sir Isaac Newton proved that “there will be a equal and opposite reaction for every action” centuries ago (1687). There is a Latin proverb called “what goes around comes around“. We Indians have been calling it as a “karma” from many centuries. Likewise, everybody have their own perspective out of their perception towards this world. Everyone arrives at same timeless truth at the end. But in different way. This blog is one such perspective among innumerable possibilities of life. And it’s name is Blortoise. Which means, A blogging tortoise.

Intended Audience

I won’t say it is for specific readers. But if you are a young and undergraduate then you may feel (little) more contented.


I don’t schedule my writing. I believe it may spoil the quality of the content if I do it forcefully. I post the residuals of my thoughts after many distillations. On an average of 3 to 5 posts per month. However, I’m not good at keeping my persistence. So I better ask you to follow the blog to get notified whenever I do anything new.

How it started?

After facing many odd situations when I backed a year in my course duration. I’m obsessed to discover what are my interests rather than academics? To my surprise or disguise. I didn’t found anything. I became more isolated and spent many lonely days out of distress. Since I had a lot of free time from then. My brother suggested me to read some books from his collections. I thought reading some books may bring out better changes in my life.

Reading some motivation and fiction made me to set one orientation to my life. At that point of time. I got interest on Literature more profoundly. I got this one fact very clear. Everything changes with time and may expire someday. But literature never expires and never changes. Despite it changes the world. With that intent I created this blog to prove or improve my writing skills.

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This blog is my emotional outlet. Here I can convey them by converting into entertainment or information. It’s the only place where I be more honest and keep my integrity. Why because. I’m wearing mask outside in real world. I’ll try to create my lost form here and yearn to bring it back to my real life. It helps to find and define me or vice versa.

About me

There is no different thing in knowing me. I’m same as every other millions of young aspirant dreamers. Interested in Blogging, Writing and Reading. Humour lover. Emotional fool. Self sarcastic. Musics, Movies & Books are my best companions.


I don’t own credibility for any media used in the blog. I’m intended to mention the source of every media. They are used only for making content more comprehensible. Whatever you read here are written with my very own conscience. If you found any of the content copied? Please check with the source and credits before marking it as copied.©


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